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The Organic Dish is an organic meal prep (a.k.a. make–your–own–meal or make–and–take) service where you can easily create multiple family–sized organic dinners to take home. Follow the easy cooking instructions and quickly enjoy delicious, nourishing home cooked meals (for vegetarians and omnivores). If you don’t feel like doing your own meal prep we’ll do it for you and have your organic dinner kits ready for pick up (or delivery within Boulder county)Dan and Drew, from Longmont Colorado, have just acquired The Organic Dish in Boulder!

Dan brings a lifetime passion for cooking. He was raised in New Orleans and is used to pleasing his palette with rich and flavorful foods. Most recently, he has been developing his food business as The PotBellied Chef, working on incorporating those bold flavors into gluten free, low fat, southern style meals. When the opportunity was presented to purchase The Organic Dish it became a perfect platform for The PotBellied Chef.

Dan and Drew plan to maintain The Organic Dish's high quality recipes, and over time they'll start introducing some of The PotBellied Chef's creations as well!

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Hungry for easy organic meals?

June’s healthy, organic meals include: Jen's Take-n-Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies

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